Native multi-platform mobile apps for your business
We are a full-stack Flutter development company with all the expertise you need to build a successful, scalable and stable product.
What we do

Cross-platform App Development, Android iOS, Flutter

Easy maintenance
The single codebase for native iOS and Android, Web and Desktop apps is a huge benefit for growing products making Flutter Development a cost-effective solution.
Faster Development
Eliminating the need to create code separately for each platform made development faster and more effective.
Excellent Performance
Flutter uses native modules on both platforms - iOS and android, so the apps are fully effective as the ones build separately for each platform.
Beautiful UI and Smooth Experience
Layered flutter’s architecture allows fully customize User Interface. That made it possible for designers to create the most beautiful animated mobile apps ever built.
for who?

Cross-platform App Development, Android iOS, Flutter

For startups
  • Rapid application development with all the functionalities needed for yours product's proof of concept,
  • iOS and Android or single platform,
  • plain User Interface,
  • reduced price due to accelerated app development,
  • flexible contract, at any time the project may be stopped or its guidelines may change - common for the R&D phases,
  • mobile application ready to grow after verifying the proof of concept.
Your own Developer dedicated to project B2B
  • Business-to-Business(B2B) remote work,
  • outsourcing for other business or direct work for customer,
  • market hourly rate,
  • full-time, part-time(15/20h per week) or task-oriented,
  • monthly billing.
For business
  • Top-quality Mobile Application for both Android and iOS,
  • UX prototypes,
  • beautiful and engaging User Interface,
  • fixed price according to your budget and our valuation,
  • valuation based on the list of functionalities and our estimation of delivery time,
  • 12-month warranty,
  • SCRUM Project Management,
  • optional: Data analytics for app optimization, ASO for Google Play Store and Apple Store.
why flutter?

Why is Flutter the recommended technology for building a mobile application from all the other technologies?

The single codebase solution for native mobile apps enables the entire team to work on Android and iOS apps simultaneously. This helps the team to better understand and dedicate themselves to the project, thereby reducing maintenance costs and development time.

As Flutter is Google’s baby, its performance on mobile apps is equivalent to separate native ones, its community is getting bigger and bigger with more possibilities and it can work also for web or desktop - it speaks for itself.

What you gain
We are self-managed developers, who cooperate directly with clients. You avoid the maintenance costs of large agencies and you get a top-quality product.
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