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A gaming company partnered with Codigee to develop a mobile app that will focus on movement algorithms and wireless connection with IoT devices.
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Beyond Mobile Apps and wireless communication with IoT devices, our team was focused on developing several movement algorithms for the electronic board equipped with sensors. For now, we have built ready to release Flutter App for both iOS and Android and single platform Android App in Kotlin. Both mobile apps implement stable connection via Bluetooth technology.

We successfully faced various challenges during this project, one of them was designing and developing Machine Learning solutions to make a few algorithms work with the greatest accuracy. At the beginning no one considered those solutions but our team was excited to propose and implement them.

What makes this project unique for us is close work with CEO(Radek Oryl). Together we create new possibilities and concepts for the future of CapsApps games. 
The Caps Apps venture is a large and demanding project since it is building mainly for the US market. Project is still under development and new products are coming soon.
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We are self-managed developers, who cooperate directly with clients. You avoid the maintenance costs of large agencies and you get a top-quality product.
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