Flutter Pros and Cons for App Stakeholders

Flutter Pros and Cons for App Stakeholders


Let’s explore the pros and cons of using Flutter in mobile app development and whether it’s suitable for all types of apps. This examination will provide crucial information for App Owners, Product Owners, and anyone interested in creating a mobile app.

Understanding Flutter

Flutter is a powerful software development kit for building apps across various platforms, acting as a strong alternative to other cross-platform frameworks like React Native. (more details in this article)

Beyond that, the Flutter framework offers:

  • Free and open-source availability
  • Its own widgets, drawn using a high-performance rendering engine
  • Attractive and highly-functional Flutter apps, with options for custom designs or pre-built UI elements that adhere to platform-specific guidelines.
  • A foundation in enabling quick edits, API integration, and tailored use of native components
  • An emerging competitor to React Native and native app development in general

Why Choose Flutter? 7 Benefits of Flutter App Development for Mobile App Stakeholders

From an app owner’s perspective, the key advantages include:

  • Accelerated mobile app development process
  • Reduced app development costs
  • Enhanced performance for cross-platform mobile apps developed with Flutter
  • Exceptional UI made possible by Dart language

1. Quicker Code Writing

For developers, Flutter allows for faster and more dynamic mobile app development. Code changes can be made and immediately seen in the app! This feature, known as „Hot Reload,” typically takes just milliseconds and helps teams add features, fix bugs, and iterate more quickly. It’s one of the aspects that top app development companies appreciate about Flutter.

Hot Reload also comes in handy for collaboration between developers and designers, allowing them to fine-tune or experiment with an app’s appearance and instantly see the results.

This method enables designers and testers to collaborate with Flutter developers on the UI, making minor adjustments (such as „Move it 2 pixels to the right” or „Speed up the animation”) and observing the immediate outcomes. 

And while not all code changes can easily be hot reloaded (refer to the current Hot Reload Limitations list), many can.

In contrast, native app development requires rebuilding and adapting projects for different operating systems, which can be time-consuming, and waiting for each individual change can sometimes take several minutes.

2. Single Codebase for Multiple Platforms

With Flutter, developers create a single codebase for both Android and iOS apps. Flutter’s independence from platforms, along with its own widgets and designs, enables the same app to be available on two platforms.

Furthermore, the Dart programming language comes remarkably close to developing native Android and iOS apps while utilizing cross-platform technologies. Importantly, app differentiation remains possible if desired.

3. Reduced Testing

If you have the same app for two platforms, it means less testing! Because of one codebase, developers write automatic tests only once, resulting in a much faster Quality assurance process. 

What’s more, Quality Assurance specialists have less work as they have only one app to check. However, if your applications have any variations, they’ll need to be tested on both platforms.

4. High-Performing Apps

Flutter apps operate smoothly and rapidly without freezing or stuttering during scrolling. To understand the technical aspects behind this performance, refer to this article.

In part, Flutter apps are faster because the Dart programming language is ahead of its time. It enables the compilation of customizable native code that remains consistent within a single codebase, while core features like hot reload further accelerate development and testing processes.

Explore this helpful section within the Flutter documentation that discusses app performance best practices to learn more.

5. User-Friendly Designs

Today, Flutter is virtually synonymous with an exceptional user interface.

The framework simplifies the process of creating custom widgets or modifying pre-existing ones. A good example of this is being able to explore Flutter’s widget catalog, including Material Design and Cupertino widgets.

These widgets grant more control over your mobile app’s appearance and functionality on iOS and Android platforms, which is rarely achievable in cross-platform app development.

6. Consistent App UI on Older Devices

Your new app will maintain its appearance on older versions of Android and iOS systems without incurring extra costs for supporting outdated legacy devices. The Flutter platform can function on Android Jelly Bean or newer versions, as well as iOS 8 and more recent releases.

7. Ideal for MVPs

If you need an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to present to investors, Flutter is an excellent choice, particularly when time is limited.

To explore apps created using Flutter, check out the Flutter Gallery app, which showcases some of Flutter’s features, widgets, and vignettes. 

Good luck! If you’re searching for the best Flutter development company, you know where to look!

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