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We understand the importance of your mobile app in today's digital landscape. Our Fast Full App Rewrite service begins with a thorough examination of your app's key features. We then develop a comprehensive improvement plan, which may include a full redesign if necessary. Our goal is to create an architecture that's not just for today, but for the future. We then proceed to rewrite your app with confidence and precision, delivering a product that's scalable, stable, and user-friendly. With Codigee, you're not just upgrading your app, you're preparing for the future.

We recognize that a full app rewrite may not always be the best solution. That's why our Step-by-Step Upgrade service is designed to enhance your app incrementally, maintaining the functionality of the existing app while implementing improvements. We start with a detailed analysis of your app's performance, user experience, and key features. This allows us to prioritize tasks effectively and develop a precise action plan. With Codigee, you're not just upgrading your app, you're optimizing it for success.

If you have an existing app and want to add new features that can be utilized in future projects, our Add-Ons Integration service is the perfect solution. We leverage modern technologies to develop individual features and seamlessly integrate them into your app. This approach ensures that your app remains competitive and ready for future upgrades. With Codigee, you're not just adding features, you're enhancing your app's potential.

Our App Redesign service is more than just a facelift. We start by installing analytics in your project to gain a deep understanding of your target audience and how they interact with your app. Based on this data, we propose a new design and user experience that aligns with your users' needs and expectations. With Codigee, you're not just redesigning your app, you're transforming the user experience.

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Take Your App to the Next Level with Comprehensive Redesign, Performance Enhancement, and Scalability Improvement

1 . App redesign:

Breathe new life into your app with a fresh and modern design. We'll revamp your app's user interface to improve usability and enhance the user experience, keeping it in line with the latest design trends and standards.

2 . Performance enhancement:

Boost your app's speed and responsiveness. We'll optimize your app's code, improve its architecture, and implement best practices to enhance its performance and ensure a smooth, lag-free user experience.

3 . Scalability improvement:

Prepare your app for growth. We'll refactor your app's code and improve its architecture to ensure it can handle an increasing number of users and data without compromising performance.

4 . Code refactoring:

Clean up your app's codebase. We'll refactor your app's code to make it cleaner, more efficient, and easier to maintain, ensuring long-term stability and scalability.

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performance, ux & design audit workshops

Performance audit:

Benefit from a deep-dive into your app's performance, leading to optimal functionality and swift issue resolution.

UX & design audit:

Experience enhanced user engagement as we identify and rectify usability issues, optimizing your app's user experience.


Participate in goal-oriented workshops that crystallize action plans and foster team alignment, streamlining your journey towards set objectives.


Effective planning and revisions based on our audits help you avoid expensive mistakes, resulting in optimal resource allocation.

Competitive Advantage:

Revel in the benefits of a refreshed application with improved conversion rates, superior design, enhanced performance, and enriched user experience. These strategic improvements provide a significant competitive edge in your market.

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