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Xamarin end of life


Microsoft’s Support Lifecycle for Xamarin

Microsoft has announced the end of support for Xamarin, a popular framework for developing cross-platform mobile applications. This transition is part of Microsoft’s broader strategy to consolidate its development platforms under the .NET umbrella, enhancing support and development efficiency across all platforms.

Key Points:

  • Xamarin.Forms Evolution: Xamarin.Forms is transitioning to .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI), which represents the next generation of cross-platform development tools from Microsoft.
  • End of Support Date: Support for all Xamarin SDKs, including Xamarin.Forms, will conclude on May 1, 2024. This termination includes the final targeting versions of Android API 34 and Xcode 15 SDKs.
  • Upgrade Path: Developers are encouraged to migrate their Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Mac projects to .NET SDK-style projects. Xamarin.Forms projects should transition to .NET MAUI for continued support and development.

Implications for Existing Xamarin Applications

For applications developed with Xamarin, this transition period is critical. While apps won’t be removed from app stores post-support cutoff, the ability to update them—especially in response to platform changes or security requirements—will be constrained.

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Considerations for Developers:

  • Updates Post-Support: After May 2024, updating Xamarin apps will depend on the compatibility of the last supported Xamarin version with then-current versions of Xcode and Android SDKs. Once these tools advance beyond the supported Xamarin versions, updating apps will become challenging.

  • Potential for Blocking Issues: If bugs or security vulnerabilities emerge post-May 2024, there will be no official fixes from Microsoft for Xamarin. This scenario could prevent apps from being updated to comply with new security standards or platform requirements.

  • Migration Strategies: Developers must consider migrating to .NET MAUI or other frameworks like Flutter or React Native, depending on the complexity and requirements of their applications. This migration should be planned and executed well before the end-of-support date to ensure continuous operation and the ability to release updates.

Strategy and Recommendations

Developers and businesses relying on Xamarin for their mobile applications should begin planning their migration strategy immediately. This planning includes assessing the complexity of existing applications, determining the most suitable target framework (.NET MAUI, Flutter, React Native, etc.), and allocating resources for learning and development efforts.

For those with critical business applications, delaying the transition could result in operational risks and missed opportunities for leveraging new platform features. Engaging with a knowledgeable partner or consulting service can help streamline the migration process, mitigate risks, and ensure a smooth transition to the new development framework.


The end of support for Xamarin marks a significant shift in Microsoft’s development platform strategy, emphasizing the importance of staying current with the latest frameworks and tools. By proactively planning for this transition, developers and businesses can ensure their applications continue to thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

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