Fintech Development Risks: Cordova vs Flutter

Fintech Development Risks: Cordova vs Flutter


In financial technology, the choice of development frameworks can significantly impact the success and security of a Fintech application. As businesses strive to offer strong, secure, and user-friendly services, the debate between using Cordova and Flutter for fintech apps has gained prominence. This article delves into the critical aspects of fintech development, comparing Cordova’s and Flutter’s capabilities in security, reliability, regulatory compliance, and time-to-market for secure features.

Security Concerns: The Foundation of Trust

Cordova’s Challenge

Cordova applications rely heavily on WebView for rendering, which exposes them to various security vulnerabilities, such as data breaches and unauthorized access. These vulnerabilities can have severe business impacts, including heavy financial and legal penalties, damage to the client’s reputation, and a loss of customer trust.

Flutter’s Fortification

In contrast, Flutter provides a more secure environment for fintech applications, circumventing WebView vulnerabilities. It offers better data encryption and user authentication features, crucial for protecting sensitive financial data. By adopting Flutter, businesses can avoid costly legal troubles and maintain the trust essential for long-term success in the fintech sector.

Application Reliability: Ensuring Seamless Transactions

Cordova’s Reliability Concerns

Dependence on WebView can lead to frequent crashes or performance issues in Cordova apps, particularly during critical financial transactions. This unreliability can severely impact user experience, leading to low retention rates and adversely affecting revenue streams.

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Flutter’s Native Advantage

Flutter’s native performance ensures a more reliable user experience, minimizing disruptions during crucial operations. This reliability can significantly increase user retention rates, positively impacting customer lifetime value and enhancing the client’s financial standing.

Compliance with Financial Regulations: Navigating the Legal Landscape

Cordova’s Compliance Complexities

The reliance on WebView with Cordova may introduce complications in complying with strict financial regulations, adding complexity and increasing the potential for non-compliance. Such non-compliance can lead to fines and sanctions, posing significant business risks.

Flutter’s Compliance Capability

Flutter’s architecture simplifies meeting financial regulations, reducing non-compliance risk and associated legal challenges. This simplification can lower legal risks and foster a more favorable business environment for fintech companies.

Time-to-Market for Secure Features: Accelerating Innovation

Cordova’s Time Constraints

In Cordova, implementing security features can be time-consuming, potentially taking an additional 4-6 weeks due to the complexities associated with WebView. Delays in launching security features can expose clients to immediate risks and slow down the overall product roadmap.

Flutter’s Rapid Deployment

Flutter enables quicker implementation of secure features, potentially reducing development time to 2-3 weeks. This accelerated time-to-market allows for faster user adoption, minimizes exposure to security risks, and contributes positively to the client’s brand and revenue.


The fintech development landscape presents numerous challenges and opportunities. While Cordova has been a popular choice for many developers, the specific needs of fintech applications regarding security, reliability, regulatory compliance, and rapid deployment of secure features make Flutter more suitable. By choosing Flutter, fintech companies can build strong, safe, and compliant applications, ensuring a positive user experience and fostering trust and success in the competitive financial technology sector.

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Maksym Kulicki
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