Top 10 Flutter Consultants in 2024

Top 10 Flutter Consultants in 2024


Flutter Consultants, officially listed by Google at, are revolutionizing mobile app development with their Flutter expertise. This list features the top 10 global consultants, each renowned for proficiency in Flutter and contributions to the platform. Mirroring Codigee’s innovative approach, these companies are instrumental in shaping app technology’s future.


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Codigee, revered for its expertise in the tech industry, effortlessly navigates the complexities of development, providing its clients with a sense of security and support. As recognized Flutter Consultants endorsed by Google, their global acclaim underlines a steadfast commitment to excellence. Known for their trustworthiness and professionalism, Codigee ensures that each project is managed with exceptional precision and care.

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NEON Software Solutions

Flutter Consultants - NEON Software Solutions Homepage

NEON Software Solutions, renowned for its innovative app framework, attributes its success to the exceptional synergy within its teams. They employ a unique system where small, specialized teams develop, each tailored to meet the mobile app’s specific requirements and development stages. This approach of having closely-knit groups centered around each project remains a cornerstone of NEON Software Solutions’ success, ensuring efficiency and quality in their app development processes.


Accenture is a global leader in professional services, excelling in digital, cloud, and security. Their expertise spans over 40 industries, offering Strategy and Consulting, Technology and Operations Services, and Accenture Song. With a worldwide network of advanced centers, their team serves clients in more than 120 countries. Accenture harnesses the power of technology and human ingenuity, creating value and shared success for clients, stakeholders, and communities.

Very Good Ventures

Offering comprehensive app development services and Flutter adoption support, Very Good Ventures specializes in crafting high-quality apps for various screens. Their expertise extends to training teams, conducting thorough code reviews, and providing tailored advisory services, solidifying their position as leaders in the Flutter community.

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Flutter Consultants - Somnio Homepage

Somnio Software, a Flutter development company, specializes exclusively in multiplatform digital solutions utilizing Flutter technology from Google. Their team of over 60 experts is adept at creating applications for a variety of platforms including mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices, all from a unified codebase. With a strong focus on crafting, designing, and rapidly scaling apps with native performance, Somnio Software is committed to helping companies achieve success through Flutter-based solutions.


Baseflow specializes in digital product development, offering various services from design to strategy and management. They focus on innovation in software development, employing a team knowledgeable in the latest technologies. Their approach involves working closely with clients to develop products that meet diverse needs in the software industry.

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Superformula Corporation

Flutter Consultants - Superformula Corporation Homepage

Superformula Corporation is characterized by a team passionate about solving meaningful problems through collaborative efforts. They emphasize a culture that balances low ego with high drive, fostering a meritocratic work environment. Their approach is centered on enjoying the problem-solving process and welcoming individuals with similar enthusiasm for impactful collaboration.


Walturn LLC, a boutique Product and Technology consulting agency based in New York, specializes in supporting startups. Founded in 2016 by a group from New York University, they focus on building robust platforms for businesses with high growth potential. Renowned entities like Google and the Museum of Art and History NY have utilized their products. The team at Walturn, diverse in nationality and expertise, thrives on challenges, striving to deliver top-quality products to their clients.


Flutter Consultants - L+R Homepage

L+R is a combination of a Design & Technology Studio and a Strategy Consulting Firm, focusing on growth initiatives for organizations. Their team of over 30 members offers a mix of global and local perspectives. The firm has collaborated with notable companies and is led by founders Alex Levin and Ryan Riegner. Their approach involves close collaboration with clients, aligning solutions with client goals and visions.

Solid Software

Flutter Consultants - Solid Software Homepage

Solid Software prioritizes engineering excellence, focusing on creating well-designed, thoroughly tested, and meticulously documented complex applications. As early adopters of Flutter and Dart since 2018, they specialize in app development using these technologies. They were chosen for the Flutter for Web early adopters program and are a founding member of the Mobile Native Foundation, collaborating with leading companies to enhance mobile app development processes and technologies.


The app development world is constantly evolving, and these Top 10 Global Flutter consultants represent the pinnacle of innovation and expertise. By choosing any of these esteemed consultancies, businesses can ensure their projects are handled with the utmost skill and forward-thinking approach. For cutting-edge Flutter solutions, these consultants are your go-to experts.

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Develop an application with codigee using 6 years of experience

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Develop an application with codigee using 6 years of experience

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