Top Flutter Consultants in Poland in 2024

Top Flutter Consultants in Poland in 2024


Flutter Consultants in Poland, recognized on Google’s official listing at, are leading the country’s tech innovation. This list highlights the top 10 Polish consultants celebrated for their Flutter mastery and active contributions to local and global Flutter communities.


Codigee, a renowned Flutter Consultant in Poland, offering expert Flutter app development services.

Codigee, renowned for its excellence in Flutter app development, offers a blend of technical mastery and committed client service. As a Central Europe-based company, Codigee has been recognized by Google as an official Flutter Consultant. They provide top-tier solutions for startups and SMEs, ensuring high-quality, cost-effective, and timely project deliveries. Known for exceptional project management, Codigee is a trusted and professional name in the tech community, dedicated to simplifying development complexities and delivering every project with precision and care.


iteo, a leading Polish digital product studio and Flutter Consultant with diverse mobile solution expertise

FiveDotTwelve is an app development firm emphasizing personalized client collaboration and tailored solutions. With a focus on adapting to the latest technologies, the company has over eight years in the market, delivering over 100 projects through client referrals and repeat business.


iteo is a digital product studio from Poland offering comprehensive services for mobile solutions. With 12 years in the field, they adeptly match technologies like Android, iOS, and Flutter to business requirements. iteo’s experience spans numerous sectors, ensuring customized, budget-aligned mobile solutions.


NextApps specializes in mobile app development and cloud services, focusing on financial and FinTech. They offer expertise in creating top-tier financial applications, leveraging over a decade of experience building projects for financial institutions. NextApps is dedicated to adapting to the unique needs of each client and expert, fostering solid relationships for outstanding results. Their commitment to flexibility and client-centric solutions is a key value in their collaborations.

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Nomtek specializes in rapid mobile and XR application development, focusing on full-cycle product creation. Working with top brands, their 100-strong European team has a 14-year history of developing over 200 applications. They craft Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, and Unity-based solutions to enhance everyday and professional experiences. Since 2009, Nomtek has been aiding companies in customer acquisition and product showcasing.


Poland’s top 10 Flutter consultants stand as a testament to the country’s growing prominence in the tech industry. Their expertise in Flutter development ensures that clients receive sophisticated, efficient, and future-ready app solutions. For those seeking expert Flutter consultation in Poland, these professionals offer the perfect blend of skill and innovation.

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Eryk KrukCo-CEO, co-founder, Flutter developer


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Develop an application with codigee using 6 years of experience

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Develop an application with codigee using 6 years of experience

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