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Revolutionary shopping experience with live-stream marketplace

Time frame

July 2021 - February 2022


E-commerce & Live-streaming


Flutter App Development, Backend development

Codigee seized the reins of Corner, an avant-garde live-stream marketplace, propelling it to new heights after taking it under our wing from a previous company.

Our audacious goal: to elevate performance, eradicate pesky lags, and sculpt a user experience that transcends expectations. Our relentless optimization endeavors bore fruit as we witnessed a remarkable surge in the shopping conversion rate, a testament to the effectiveness of our approach and the game-changing potential of flawlessly immersive digital retail experiences.

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Technologies used in the project implementation

In our quest to construct a formidable and dynamic live-stream marketplace, we harnessed an arsenal of cutting-edge technologies. Laravel, a PHP framework known for its sleek and sophisticated syntax, took center stage, empowering us to forge a robust and efficient foundation with remarkable agility.

When it came to mobile development, Flutter emerged as the clear victor, its swift and customizable nature perfectly aligning with our vision. To ensure unwavering scalability and dependability, we turned to the mighty AWS, harnessing its advanced cloud services. And to bring the magic of real-time, high-definition, and low-latency video and voice broadcasting to life, we integrated the formidable Agora Live Streaming, catapulting our marketplace into a league of its own.

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