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Google & Flutter have officially listed Codigee as a Flutter consultant, showcasing our expertise and dedication to this framework. Our journey with Flutter has been filled with valuable learning experiences and a constant drive to do better.

Being recognized as an official Flutter consultant is not just a milestone for Codigee, but a stepping stone towards bigger goals. We continue to sharpen our skills, keeping up with emerging tech trends, to ensure your applications are not just up-to-date, but also ready for the future.

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Elevate your app's interface by transitioning from Xamarin to Flutter. This shift not only offers a more intuitive user experience but also has the potential to increase revenue by 20-30% due to its responsive and engaging design.


Switching to Flutter from Xamarin can lead to significant cost savings in maintenance, up to 30-40%. Flutter's streamlined development framework allows for more efficient code management, freeing up resources to focus on strategic business growth.


Revitalizing your Xamarin app with Flutter can address existing performance issues, leading to higher app ratings. Improved performance and user experience often result in a boost in conversion rates, potentially by as much as 25%.


Migrating to Flutter enhances your app's security posture. This modern framework is continuously updated to protect against the latest cyber threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and their associated financial or legal repercussions.


Post-Xamarin development with Flutter gives your app a significant competitive edge. With its fast performance and rich set of features, Flutter allows for the creation of sophisticated apps that enhance user retention and acquisition.


Opt for future scalability with Flutter. This forward-thinking framework promises up to 20% savings in future development costs, especially crucial as Xamarin support draws to a close on May 1, 2024.


Intro Meeting

Beginning Your Transition from Xamarin:

The Intro Meeting is a crucial first step in understanding your app’s specific needs. Are you considering a full migration from Xamarin, or are you looking to update its current framework? We’ll explore a range of options, focusing on Flutter as a superior alternative, to identify the perfect solution that aligns with your app’s objectives.

Ready to embark on a transformation journey?

The Intro Meeting is where our paths converge. It's a chance for you and Codigee to get acquainted, share visions, and align objectives. This initial interaction sets the tone for a collaborative and transparent partnership. We delve into understanding your unique challenges, aspirations, and the nuances of your project. It's not just about meeting a new team; it's about building a relationship that will guide the successful transformation of your mobile application.


Determining the Optimal Path for Your Xamarin App:

During the Scouting phase, we closely analyze your app’s current performance and its potential for growth. This involves assessing whether a complete platform shift to Flutter is needed or if an update within the existing Xamarin framework would be more beneficial. Our primary goal is to discover the most effective method to boost your app’s functionality and user experience


Planning for Your App's Evolution Beyond Xamarin:

In the Draft stage, we meticulously outline the steps for your app’s evolution, whether it involves migrating to Flutter or enhancing your app within its existing Xamarin environment. This planning phase covers all key areas, from addressing performance issues to adding new features, ensuring your app is fully prepared for a successful future.


Initiating Your App's Migration from Xamarin to Flutter:

The Kickoff stage is where we start implementing our carefully crafted plan. Whether it's a full migration to Flutter or strategic updates within Xamarin, this phase is all about taking action. We focus on executing the strategy with precision, ensuring your app smoothly transitions into its new phase of development with Flutter’s advanced capabilities.

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