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Google & Flutter have officially listed Codigee as a Flutter consultant, showcasing our expertise and dedication to this framework. Our journey with Flutter has been filled with valuable learning experiences and a constant drive to do better.

Being recognized as an official Flutter consultant is not just a milestone for Codigee, but a stepping stone towards bigger goals. We continue to sharpen our skills, keeping up with emerging tech trends, to ensure your applications are not just up-to-date, but also ready for the future.

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1 . Flexible Team Scaling

Scale up or down at your convenience. Our rapid response model allows for swift team adjustments, ensuring your project progresses at the right pace

2 . Tailored Expert Matching

Each project is unique, and so is our approach to team building. We pair you with experts whose experience goes beyond technology, perfectly aligning with your project's specific requirements.

3 . Autonomous Expert Teams

Our experts aren't just technically proficient; they're self-managing professionals with strong soft skills. Founder involvement in recruitment guarantees quality and a perfect fit for your team culture.

4 . Qualified Engineering Talent

At Codigee, we pride ourselves on a team exclusively comprised of computer science graduates, specializing in a broad range of technologies. Our experts excel in JavaScript, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Spring, Node.js, React.js, and more. This diverse expertise ensures a high level of proficiency and innovation in every project we undertake.

5 . Option to Onboard After a Year

After a year of successful collaboration, you have the option to bring our experts in-house. It's about building lasting partnerships, not just temporary solutions.

6 . Codigee's Expert Background

We pride ourselves on having a team of only computer science graduates. This ensures a high level of understanding and skill in every project we undertake.

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"Their developers are reliable, communicative, highly motivated, and experienced in Flutter development."
5.0 Clutch

Jan Kaminski

VP Sales,

Applover Full-Stack Digital Agency

"They provide a very high level of services, and they’ve exceeded our expectations."
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Maks Majer



"I am completely satisfied with AA+ Flutter Developers like Codigee."
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Omkar Sane


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