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The smallest gaming controller

HopX is a startup with patented gaming technology making waves in the US and Europe. Their AI-driven algorithms are disrupting both the gaming and beer industries. 

Time frame

2018 - ongoing


IoT & Gaming


Development & consulting

Codigee proudly presents Hopx, a groundbreaking gaming platform that marries nostalgia with next-gen technology. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, Hopx transforms traditional street games like bottle cap races and coin tosses into digital marvels of precision and skill.

The platform's controller cap technology allows for nuanced gameplay, offering a level of control that's unparalleled in the digital realm. Designed with a fusion of cyber aesthetics and extreme sports culture, Hopx has evolved from a test application to a fully operational product, setting the stage for the next phase of our company's funding journey.

Technologies used in the project implementation

The development of a commercially-viable application has reached its completion stage, entailing the production of a fully operational product to advance to the subsequent phase of the company's funding process.

The main task and challenge of which we had to solve

Communication with an IoT Device over Bluetooth

When connecting a mobile app with a BLE device, it’s crucial to maintain seamless performance during demanding tasks, including spin, toss, and shake. These actions can put a lot of strain on the system, and in some cases, the device may experience a brief disconnection.

However, any interruption should either go unnoticed or be expertly optimized to keep the user fully engaged at all times.

AI algorithms for sensor fusion accelerometer and gyroscope 

In terms of work, using filters for sensory fusion is just the tip of the iceberg. A portion of the algorithm is entirely exclusive, which implies their success was uncertain during the initial development stages since this is the first creation of its kind.

The primary challenge is that certain movements cause the meter readings to max out, indicating extremely high acceleration. Therefore, the development of these algorithms requires ongoing research and development.

Multi-platform Unity 2D/3D games budget optimization

Typically, the conventional approach would be to employ at least one developer for each platform or a small team of developers for Unity to create algorithms and applications for both iOS and Android platforms.

However, is it possible to divide the work in the most efficient way possible to fully utilize each team member’s potential, considering the above mentioned technologies?

Flutter & Unity solution

The importance of Unity as a technology for game creation has been shown through its practical usage. The plan was to utilize the controller in native applications.

To streamline the team’s efforts, Flutter was chosen as the primary technology for facilitating communication across both platforms, alongside the occasional use of Unity when necessary.

As a development team, Codigee was responsible for game creation, algorithm development, and ensuring the seamless operation of the application on both platforms.

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