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Google & Flutter have officially listed Codigee as a Flutter consultant, showcasing our expertise and dedication to this framework. Our journey with Flutter has been filled with valuable learning experiences and a constant drive to do better.

Being recognized as an official Flutter consultant is not just a milestone for Codigee, but a stepping stone towards bigger goals. We continue to sharpen our skills, keeping up with emerging tech trends, to ensure your applications are not just up-to-date, but also ready for the future.

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what you gain with ready retail shop system?

1 . Mobile Application for Customers

Enhance the shopping experience with a mobile app offering personalized promotions, tasks, and a rewards system. Customers can track points and redeem rewards, boosting loyalty and engagement.

2 . Web Panel for Employees

Empower staff with a web panel to manage promotions, prizes, and performance metrics for each store location. This tool allows for quick responses to market demands and customer preferences.

3 . Payment system and inventory integration

Seamlessly integrate with various payment systems and real-time inventory management. This ensures smooth transactions and accurate inventory data, reducing stockouts and overstock situations

4 . User Engagement Points System

Boost user engagement with a points system. Customers earn points through purchases and promotions, fostering a sense of community and driving repeat business.

5 . Advanced Analytics

Gain insights into customer buying patterns and product performance. Detailed analytics help you understand popular products and forecast future demand.

6 . Future Scalability

Benefit from a system built to high standards of security, scalability, and performance. Fully customizable and rigorously tested to ensure reliability and growth with your business.

Enhance Customer Loyalty with Tasks and Rewards

Offer customers a mobile app with tasks like filling out forms, updating details, or buying specific items. Completing tasks earns them points, which can be redeemed for rewards. This keeps customers engaged and encourages repeat purchases.

Boost Sales with Promotions and Integration

Set up eye-catching promotions easily through a web panel. Display deals like “Buy 1, Get 2nd Coffee Free” directly in the app. The system integrates with payment and inventory systems for smooth transactions and real-time updates.

Streamline Operations with Advanced Management

Streamline Operations with Advanced Management
Manage your store with a web panel for employees and a mobile app for customers. The web panel handles content and promotions. The app generates scannable codes for points and promotions. Advanced analytics provide insights into customer behavior and sales trends.

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