Revitalizing Your Product: The Power of App Migration
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Revitalizing Your Product: The Power of App Migration


Imagine that you have an app. The app has been in the stores for a long time, has gained a certain popularity and has lasted for a couple of years in an unchanged form. As a result, however, problems begin to arise. In-store user reviews become overwhelmingly negative, signaling deep-rooted problems in the app. A cycle of ongoing maintenance problems, compounded by tight budgets and time constraints, holds back the introduction of new features. This stagnation not only limits development, but also leads to team dissatisfaction, prompting them to offer higher salaries as a form of motivation. 

Moreover, technical debt escalates, making the development of new features increasingly time-consuming due to the complexity of the code. This scenario presents a vivid picture of the challenges facing the application lifecycle. What then?

The best and most sensible would be to migrate your application – This is where Flutter comes in

When considering the migration of your app, rewriting it in modern Flutter offers a transformative path toward not only enhancing the user experience, but also providing a competitive edge in a demanding and growing digital market. Flutter is revolutionizing the way developers and companies approach app development.

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What Flutter can bring to your application

Flutter significantly streamlines app development, enhancing user experiences and operational efficiency. It allows for strategic reallocation of resources towards product features and compliance, thus strengthening market positions and building user trust. Flutter addresses the need for technical and user satisfaction improvements, setting new performance and adaptability standards in the evolving digital landscape.

For a more informations about Flutter’s role in app development, check out this article.

Mockup showing Fitatu – an example of successful app migration.
Fitatu is a flagship example of a successful migration to Flutter.

Okay, now you may be wondering how all this might actually affect how the status of your application will change. 

With that in mind, let’s discuss the impact of migrating to Flutter on different types of apps. Below we have prepared a brief overview of how Flutter can improve your app revenue:

Case 1: Fitness application

MetricBefore FlutterAfter FlutterChangeWhy?
Monthly Revenue$38,000$55,000+$17,000Migration elevates UX and user retention, boosting annual revenue from $456,000 to $660,000. The upgrade enhances user engagement and satisfaction, contributing to a $204,000 yearly increase.
Development Cost$15,000/month$12,500/month-$2,500/monthAdditionaly in budget you have new features, not just maintenance!
New Users7,000/month8,400/month+20%Organic growth by recommendation
User Retention45%72%+27%Retention impacts on revenue, growth, and feedback.
App Store Rating3.64.5+0.9App doesn’t crash, and animation and performance are smooth

Flutter impact: Migration to Flutter resulted in significant savings in development costs and increased monthly revenue due to the introduction of new features. Improved user experience of the app, as indicated by better ratings in the app store, which also contributed to an increase in organic installs and user retention. These changes may have prompted the team to allocate resources more efficiently and focus on further innovation, which in turn further opens the door to further revenue increases.

Case 2: E-commerce application

MetricBefore FlutterAfter FlutterChangeWhy?
Monthly Revenue$72,000$96,000+$24,000Enhancing payment and shopping cart management through the transformation significantly boosted user loyalty, elevating annual revenue from $864,000 to $1,152,000. These improvements in the upgrade process also heightened user engagement and satisfaction, contributing to a $288,000 increase in annual revenue.
Development Cost$20,000/month$16,300/month-$3,700/monthEfficient Flutter development reduced monthly expenses.
New Users10,000/month12,000/month+20%Improved app performance attracted more users.
User Retention30%63%+33%The boost in user retention was driven by Flutter’s enhanced cross-platform consistency, improved performance, intuitive UI/UX design, faster feature updates, greater stability, broader accessibility, and advanced tech integration like AR/VR.
App Store Rating3.84.5+0.7Enhanced stability and features improved ratings.

Flutter impact: Savings in retention and enrollment costs, along with revenue growth from improved user ratings and engagement, underscore Flutter’s strategic financial advantage. The hypothetical scenario suggests that the e-commerce platform could have leveraged Flutter’s efficiencies to pass the savings on to necessary marketing efforts, further driving user growth and retention, while driving sales themselves.

Learn how to optimize your e-commerce platform with Flutter by reading our article: Mobile App for E-Commerce with Flutter – How to Do It Right.

Case 3: Fintech application

MetricBefore FlutterAfter FlutterChangeWhy?
Monthly Revenue$95,000$107,000+$12,000Security enhancements and operational efficiencies from migrating to Flutter led to an increase in annual revenue from $1,140,000 to $1,284,000, marking a $144,000 gain. This shift not only reduced legal costs but also allowed for investment in product features and compliance, strengthening market position and user trust.
Development Cost$25,000/month$20,000/month-$5,000/monthOperational efficiency reduced monthly development costs.
New Users12,000/month15,200/month+27%Trust in improved security and compliance drew in more users.
User Retention25%48%23%Flutter’s migration advances fintech apps by enhancing security and UX, crucial for user trust and seamless engagement, thus notably increasing retention.
App Store Rating4.04.5+0.5Better security and user features improved app ratings.

Flutter impact: In the case of a fintech application, the assumed financial benefits after migrating to Flutter – particularly the savings from improved security and reduced legal costs – underscore a strategic shift toward operational efficiency and risk management. This scenario suggests that the fintech app may have redirected savings to improved product features and compliance measures, further strengthening its market position and user confidence.

To summerize, our consideration of these hypothetical scenarios sheds light on the big wins that Flutter could bring: cost savings, increased user base and smoother operations. Even as we say „what if,” the promise of Flutter is real and ready to be exploited. It’s not just about smarter coding; it’s about preparing applications for a better, more profitable future. So why not take a closer look at Flutter? It might just be the game-changer your project needs.

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What does migration look like?

Adaptability and performance are paramount, the decision to migrate your application to Flutter is both strategic and transformative. The journey begins with a critical phase we call Scouting—an in-depth evaluation of your application’s current state. Here, we assess architecture, functionality, and performance to identify how Flutter’s capabilities can revolutionize your product.

Following Scouting, our Draft phase lays out a blueprint. It’s where we craft a meticulous migration strategy, defining a timeline, resource allocation, and a plan for unforeseen challenges. This stage ensures every aspect of the migration is planned with precision, setting the stage for a seamless transition.

As we move to the Kickoff, action takes center stage. Armed with Flutter and Dart, we embark on the incremental migration process. This phase is about bringing the plan to life, with continuous testing and adaptation, ensuring your application not only transitions smoothly but also excels in its new Flutter environment.

This migration—marked by meticulous planning, strategic execution, and continuous improvement—ensures your application is not just upgraded but transformed, ready to meet the demands of the modern digital landscape.

To dive deeper into each phase, and to truly grasp the comprehensive approach we take in migrating to Flutter, downloading our Migration Book is invaluable. It offers detailed insights into our process, providing a roadmap for those ready to future-proof their applications through strategic migration. Begin your journey to technological excellence today by exploring our Migration Book, and see how your project can benefit from our expert approach.

What’s most important – Flutter’s performance advantage

When we analyze Flutter’s performance, we don’t simply check the boxes for speed and responsiveness. We’re tuning in to a framework that’s designed to set the standard. Flutter transcends traditional barriers by offering a seamless experience on iOS and Android with a single code base. It’s not just performance it’s also a great time and money saver, which can be spent on additional app development and increased sales.

For an in-depth look at Flutter’s performance metrics, especially in contrast to platforms like Cordova, you can read this article. It’s akin to comparing a tailored suit with a suit off the rack – both serve a purpose, but one clearly stands out in terms of fit and finish.

Concluding thoughts

Migration to Flutter isn’t just focused on a technology upgrade, it’s also a step into the future and the certainty of long-term gains and success. With unquestionable performance, unified multiplatform code and robust security, you allow your product to work properly and for the long term.

At this point, the decision to migrate to Flutter isn’t just about keeping up with technological advances; it’s about setting a new standard for what your application can achieve. With Flutter, you’re not just adapting, you’re leading the way toward a more integrated, efficient and secure future in application development.

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