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Google & Flutter have officially listed Codigee as a Flutter consultant, showcasing our expertise and dedication to this framework. Our journey with Flutter has been filled with valuable learning experiences and a constant drive to do better.

Being recognized as an official Flutter consultant is not just a milestone for Codigee, but a stepping stone towards bigger goals. We continue to sharpen our skills, keeping up with emerging tech trends, to ensure your applications are not just up-to-date, but also ready for the future.

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Embrace Boldness with Codigee

1 . End-to-End Expertise

At Codigee, we've got your back every step of the way – from discovery and research to development, monetization strategies (including payment systems), security, publishing, and maintenance. Our expertise is your advantage; we've mastered this process to the point where excellence comes naturally.

2 . Scale Seamlessly

With a single, high-performance Flutter codebase for iOS and Android or even for Web, windows or MacOS! Our solutions are backed by the strength of Codigee, Google, and Flutter's robust frameworks. We prioritize scalable, maintainable, and user-friendly solutions that are simple yet effective. Trust us to keep things straightforward yet spectacular.

3 . Delivering Exceptional Experiences

Experience the fluidity and performance of well-designed Flutter apps. They not only offer a native feel to enhance user experiences but also ensure time efficiency with a single build for all platforms.

4 . Launch with Cross-Platform Mastery

Launch your vision across iOS, Android, Web, Windows, or MacOS with our high-performance Flutter codebase. One codebase, multiple platforms – efficiency at its finest.

5 . Securing Your Competitive Edge

We go beyond technology; we craft business success. Our expertise in user experience and trend anticipation gives you a distinctive edge over competitors. Be bold, be Codigee, be ahead.

6 . Your Transparent Partner

At Codigee, partnership means shared success. We're not just a team for hire; we're your accomplices in innovation. If we believe in your product, we're all in. And if something's not right, we'll be upfront about it. Minimize unnecessary features, maximize impact.

Building Impactful Products

Every great product has its unique journey, yet the steps to success share a common path. Here’s how we at Codigee ensure every project reaches its full potential

Initial Strategy Session

Kick off your project with a targeted 30-minute strategy session. Our team will get to the heart of your project, laying the groundwork with actionable insights and clear goals.

Comprehensive Planning

Efficiency and strategy converge here. Before diving into development, we prioritize understanding your product's business needs and user requirements. This critical phase aligns technology with your business goals, tailoring every resource to meet the specific demands of your project. Our planning is adaptable – from quick sprints to detailed marathons, always with a sharp focus on efficacy.

Agile Development Process

Enter the realm of Codigee's technological finesse. Our development phase is a blend of agility and thoroughness, ensuring your product is built to high standards and ready for real-world challenges.

Product Deployment & Growth

Transition from development to market with a product designed for impact. Our support extends beyond launch, focusing on scalable growth and continuous improvement.


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