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Unveil the wonders of Pacific, a visionary fusion of ecology and e-commerce, where cutting-edge marvels await! Behold the eco-conscious payment cards and the captivating QR code retail experience, presenting an extraordinary blend of nature and technology.

Time frame

February 2021 - September 2021


Fintech & E-commerce


Flutter App Development, Mobile App Development

With a flair for Flutter finesse, we've lent our expertise to propel the creation of Pacific - an extraordinary app that not only chats but also flaunts a remarkable money-sending capability.

Crafted with unparalleled mastery in Flutter, Pacific proudly embodies our trailblazing spirit and unwavering dedication to sustainability.

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Technologies used in the project implementation

With the might of Flutter, the dynamic open-source UI software development kit born from the genius minds at Google, we shaped Pacific into a sleek wonder, gracing both Android and iOS with top-tier, native interfaces.

Behold the high-performance marvels we crafted, adorned with a UI so resplendent it dances with the user's every touch, culminating in an unrivaled user experience that leaves all in awe.

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