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Digital Shift in Gas Stations Retail

In a bid to revolutionize the shopping experience, Codigee partnered with Pieprzyk - a dynamic loyalty app that brings a new layer of interactivity to iOS and Android users. Serving millions of shoppers, the Pieprzyk app enables users to accrue points through a task-reward system and redeem them for exclusive prizes.

Time frame

January 2023 - Present


Retail & Loyalty


Backend Development, Web Development, Mobile Development, Flutter Development, Consulting

Our engagement with Pieprzyk included the design of the entire system architecture for an MVP version of the app. The app offers a location-based prize and promotion feed, a simple authentication process, and a dashboard panel for prize and reward management.

The MVP was gradually introduced at individual stations from July 2023, and we have been actively improving it based on user feedback and analysis

Technologies used in the project implementation

For this project, we chose a blend of technologies to build a robust and user-friendly application. We used Java and Spring for backend development, Flutter for creating the mobile app, and AWS for cloud services.

Each technology was selected for its unique strengths and compatibility with the project requirements.

The main task and challenge of which we had to solve

Integration with Existing Systems

The most challenging task was integrating the app with the existing checkout and warehouse systems. We created a promotional system for point accrual and rewards, all manageable from a panel accessible by administrators.

Creating the Web Panel in Flutter:

To avoid code duplication and ensure consistent view previews and text formatting, we decided to develop the management panel in Flutter. This was handled by the same developer who built the mobile app, saving us from engaging an additional programmer and enabling code reuse between the admin panel and the mobile app.

Solution and results

Successful Integration: Despite the complexities, we successfully linked the app with the checkout systems using a generated numerical QR code and API’s bridges with checkout backend. 

Cost-Effective MVP: By prioritizing features, we built a high-performing MVP that has the potential to significantly increase user retention at Pieprzyk fuel stations and boost conversion rates thanks to the rewards and promotions.

Single Codebase for Two Apps: Pieprzyk’s loyalty app primarily caters to retail customers, but it also serves businesses using their services. Companies with fleets are serviced by a different app with added key features. Thanks to a well-structured architecture and our experience, the second app was developed at 70% lower costs.

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